The Genealogies of Digital Light ARC Discovery project will provide a critical account of the capacities and limitations of contemporary digital light-based technologies and techniques by tracing their genealogies and comparing them with their predecessor media. Through interview, analysis, experiment and critique, we hope to demonstrate that artists and artisans have a major role in redefining technologies through technique; and that close acquaintance with and appreciation of their working practices and the principles they work to are a significant resource for future generations.

In March, 2011, a symposium was held in Melbourne to explore the major themes of the project. Sean Cubitt, Daniel Palmer and Les Walkling have brought these discussions together in a recent article in MIRAJ:

"Reflections on medium specificity occasioned by the symposium 'Digital Light: Technique, Technology, Creation', Melbourne, 2011", Moving Image Review & Art Journal, 1.1, 2012, pp. 37–49.

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